The entry point is right where you are
— Zen saying 

Today we want you to stop and take a moment to pause and simply be present to where you are.
Let go of the feeling that there is anywhere for you to get to.
The only place for you to be is right here, right now. Because this is the only place that love is ever found.
Love doesn’t exist in the past. It only exists in the present. In fact, the wonderful David Richo says that ‘love is simply another way of being present’.
Think about it for a moment.
Think of the times where you’ve felt nothing but pure love.
Love for another person, love for the place you’re in, love for an animal, love for an experience you’re going through.
It feels as if time has stopped still doesn’t it?
There is nowhere else you’d rather be. Nowhere to get to. Nothing more you want to add to that moment. Everything is exactly as it should be. And you are fully and deeply in the present moment.
And so to reconnect with love in its purest form we have to stop and become fully present in our own lives.

Within each of us there is a silence, a silence as vast as the universe. And when we experience that silence, we remember who we are
— Gunilla Norris  

Becoming present is about stepping into the here and now and stepping into the stillness. It’s about becoming the observer. Accepting life exactly as it is right now. Accepting yourself exactly as you are and accepting all the feelings you’re experiencing right now. Without any judgement and without any expectations. Not trying to change or fix anything but simply being.
This is what mindfulness practices, like meditation, yoga, tai chi and qigong, can help us to do. They can teach us how to use our bodies and our breath to allow us to be firmly in the present.
So today we’re giving you a lovely guided mediation from Vicki to help you to do just that. Have a go at starting your day every day with this meditation and notice the difference that it makes to your day.

download or listen to the audio | right here, right now

IMPORTANT (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IMPATIENT!): The audios can take a couple of minutes to upload (while looking like absolutely nothing is happening). If waiting gets you wound up then just click or download the link and listen to it straight away on Soundcloud


Find a picture of something that takes you into the here and now. Into the present moment so that you don’t want to be anywhere else.

Then come and post it in the Love Zone.

(for Selina it's trees and nature)               (for Vicki it's time spent with her dog Buddy)