For many people, healing ends up being the most important aspect of their Get Ready for Love journey.
Many of us are living with unhealed wounds caused by hurt and heartbreak from our past and it is these unhealed wounds and the walls we have put up around our hearts (to protect ourselves from being hurt like that again), that are keeping us stuck in love.
The problem with this approach of dealing with hurt and heartbreak is that we end up locking our hearts away in a fortress of walls, making it harder and harder for love to flow in and out of our lives.

And so healing is the process of gently taking down these protective walls and attending to the old wounds that lie behind them, healing them completely so that we are fully open to love again.
So how do we do that? How do we heal?
Well to help us answer that we invited the wonderful Gail Love Schock (the beautiful lady in the picture above) – spiritual life coach, mentor and powerful healer - to dive deep with Vicki into the topic of healing and how we can each start our own healing journey.

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When it comes to healing it's important to find practices that work for you and so our advice is to get curious, be open-minded and try things out.
For one person acupuncture might be the thing that seems to work the most powerfully for them, for others it might be talk therapy, for others energy healing and you might find that different healing techniques appeal to you at different times.
But whatever you do, if you know there are unhealed wounds that you’re still living with, turn your full attention towards healing those wounds because they will be the very thing stopping love from flowing into your life with ease.
X Selina and Vicki