OK, so we’ve listened in to what the Shitty Committee has to say and you’ve felt the impact this is having on your love life.
So now let’s learn how to handle your Shitty Committee and turn it’s volume right down…
Now the reason that the Shitty Committee can have such an influence over us and can be such a powerful force in our lives is because we BELIEVE the things that it’s saying to us.
And the Shitty Committee will spend all it’s time pointing out evidence that backs up the negative beliefs it’s feeding you, so that it starts to FEEL as if those beliefs are TRUE..
So to disempower what the Shitty Committee is telling us, we have to challenge all the negative and limiting beliefs that it is feeding us and find evidence to prove it WRONG.
So that is what you’re going to be doing today.

listen to today's audio lesson on 'How to Handle Your Shitty Committee'

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Then head over to Lesson 6 in the workbook (or download Lesson 6 here) where we’ll get to work on dissolving the negative and limiting beliefs that your Shitty Committee has had you living by.

x Vicki & Selina