Today we want to introduce you to what is probably THE biggest blocker getting in the way of you finding the love you long for: your own personal Shitty Committee.
The Shitty Committee is that inner voice that hangs out in your head and loves nothing more than to point out all your faults and all the reasons why you’re not finding love.
And it is this negative voice that could be doing more damage to your love life than anything else.
Which is why whenever you are feeling stuck in life, the first thing to do is to go and take a good look at what your internal Shitty Committee is saying about it.
So today we’re going to see what your Shitty Committee is saying about you, men, love and relationships and above all any reasons it might be giving to you as to why you’ve not been finding the loving relationship you want to be enjoying in life.

Listen to today’s audio on ‘Getting to know your Shitty Committee’

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And then go to Lesson 5 in the Workbook (or download it here) and let’s see what your Shitty Committee is saying...

x Selina & Vicki