It’s time to get that inspiration flowing!

Inspiration is essential in any journey of change. It keeps you fired up, feeling positive and strengthens your belief that what you want is possible.

And so throughout your Get Ready for Love journey, it’s really important that you keep feeding yourself up on inspiration.

So let’s start feeding you up on the things that inspire you when it comes to love and relationships.

Today you’re going to focus your attention on couples that really inspire you – the ones that you consider to have a really happy and healthy relationship.

So head over to Lesson 4 in the Workbook (or download the Lesson 4 worksheet here) to find your inspiration and then come back here and listen in to today’s audio: ‘What we can learn from the happy and healthy couples that inspire us’ and come and let us know in the Love Zone what you think about the 5 lessons we discuss in the audio and what you've learnt by observing couples that inspire you. 

IMPORTANT (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IMPATIENT!): The audios can take a couple of minutes to upload (while looking like absolutely nothing is happening). If waiting gets you wound up then just click the Soundcloud link and you'll be sent to the track on Soundcloud where it happily plays with no delay!

x Selina & Vicki