Wow, well here we are, at the end of ‘Get Ready for Love’.
How has it been for you?
Our hope is that you’re feeling more relaxed, confident and positive about your love life now. Where you can see that while before you might have wanted to be in a loving relationship, you now feel ready for it!

And there is a very different energy from “wanting” something to actually being "ready for it”.
Now, while this might be the end of this course, it really is just the start of a much bigger journey…


So how have you found it? What have you learnt? What breakthroughs have you had and how are you feeling differently from when you first set out on this journey with us?
It’s so important to take a pause at the end of a journey like this to ask yourself these questions and spend some time quietly reflecting on what you’ve learnt and to acknowledge what you’ve achieved.
So today we’re going to look back over what have been the most powerful lessons for you from this course and what you’re going to really focus on now as you move forward in your own ‘Project Love’.
So head over to Lesson 30 in the workbook (or download Lesson 30 here) for this final exercise to set you up as you move forward into your next chapter…

And let us know how things go!
X Selina & Vicki

PS if you would like to go deeper into any of the phases or lessons from your Get Ready for Love journey with a Project Love coach then head over here and book in your session today (one-off love coaching sessions are available exclusively to you, as a valued member of our GRFL community)