One of the hardest things about this journey of love is not knowing when it’s going to happen for you.
The uncertainty and unknown of it all is enough to drive us mad at times.
But on this journey of love, we all have to go through it.
Because we can never forecast when love is going to bring a partner our way.
The best we can do is be ready for it, but there is no forcing it.
You can’t rush love.
The more you set yourself expectations, demands and hopes of when it’s going to happen, the more you’re setting yourself up for frustration, upset and disappointment. And when that happens you open the door wide open to your Shitty Committee. It’s the perfect opportunity for your negative inner voice to come back in full force and start whispering doubts and fears in your ear: “IS it ever going to happen? Maybe you were right after all about all those reasons why you’re still single. Has that really changed? Maybe you should just resign yourself to being single and give up the idea of finding love, Maybe it just isn’t for you. And that clock is ticking…”
And down you go into a negative spiral of thinking and behaving.
So instead, when you start to feel your frustration bubbling up, when you find yourself starting to doubt whether it really is ever going to happen for you and find yourself panic tindering…STOP.
Take a deep breath.
It’s time to slow down and step back into the here and now. Into the present moment where love resides and into a space of acceptance and surrender.

Love will come to you, just keep inviting it in and be patient. If you’re in a hurry to find love then you’re in danger of finding something that looks like love, but isn’t the real deal.

You’re in danger of trying to force something to work when deep down you know it's not quite right.

It’s time to learn the importance and the power of surrender.

And there is no better person to teach you about that than Dr Judith Orloff. She ROCKS.

Listen to her words of wisdom and give yourself permission to LET GO…

x Selina & Vicki