Dating can be an exhausting business.

Even when you’ve got into the groove and are enjoying the process, you’re still going through the ups and downs of hopes and disappointments, you’re being vulnerable, being open, putting yourself out there and often stepping out of your comfort zone.

So it's important that from time to time you just take a break from it all.

Unplug from everything dating-related in your life and go and enjoy the people you have in your life right now that you love.
Sometimes you’ll need a weekend off, sometimes a couple of weeks. Whatever it takes to get you feeling fully refreshed and coming back to dating feeling inspired and ready to play again. Enjoy a night out dancing with your friends, plan a group camping trip and get away from it all, go for a spa for a day with a girlfriend and really treat and pamper yourselves or plan a couple of weeks of daily acts of love and dates with yourself to really get those love vibes flowing again.

Now you might be feeling fully enthused with dating at the moment as you read this, so if that’s the case then keep this lesson in your back pocket for when you’re ready for a break.

But if you’ve been finding all this dating stuff a bit overwhelming then give yourself a break this weekend and do something fun with the people you love or just indulge in some good old me-time.

Then come and tell us in the Love Zone what you got up to on your ‘break from it all’ and how it felt.

x Selina & Vicki