Our aim today is to have you walking away looking at online dating in a whole new way, particularly if right now your heart sinks at the idea of online dating.
And that seems to be the case for most women we speak to.
Yeeeeees, we tend to say rolling our eyes, we know of people who have had success with online dating and everyone seems to have a friend who ‘just got married to someone they met on a dating site’.
And even though Tinder has dramatically changed the online dating scene and made it a lot more socially acceptable, a lot of the women we speak to still find the whole idea of online dating anything between cringey and horrifying.
Well if that is you, if you recoil at the very idea of online dating, then today’s lesson is a MUST for you.
And even if you’re already into online dating, don’t miss today’s audio.
Because today we have a very special guest, Marianne Cantwell, joining us.
Marianne is a best-selling author (check out her book How to be a Free Range Human and her blog - free-range-humans.com) and a branding expert who has a wonderfully fresh and new way of approaching online dating that was a total game-changer for Selina and continues to be for many of our clients.
She created an exclusive audio for the Get Ready for Love course to show us just how she does it. We recorded it a few years back when Tinder was the new online app on the market and while there are now many more apps on the market (and Tinder might not be one that you choose to use) you'll find that her tips and advice work for whatever online dating site or app you choose to use.
This is golden content.
Not only is Marianne’s approach to online dating so refreshing and liberating, she also happens to be a master of creating online profiles that attract quality guys and she gives us great tips on how to select quality guys.
So without further ado let’s head on over to this epic interview with Marianne to find out how she approaches online dating that makes it so enjoyable and what her top tips are on using online dating the right way.

LISTEN TO THE AUDIO SESSION | 'How to approach online dating in a whole new way'

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Now if you’re already dabbling in the world of online dating, have a go at approaching it in this new way of Marianne’s and see what a difference it makes.

And if you aren’t currently on any online dating sites or apps, give one a go and treat it as an experiment – trying out Marianne’s approach - and see what happens.

If you're going to have a go at online dating for the first time (or are getting back to it after some time away from it) then check out our guide to writing your online profile:

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Listen to the audio session from Marianne and selina on how to write an online profile without getting your knickers in a twist!

or download & listen to it on Soundcloud

So get stuck in and enjoy!

X Selina & Vicki