When you look at how people met their other halves, there are SO many examples of people meeting through their friends – either at a party, being set up on a blind date or being set up on the sly without either of them realising what was going on!

So get your friends on board to help you find good quality guys that you can go on dates with.

Selina really had fun with this and gave her friends a challenge: to help her find 8 dates with quality guys in 30 days. She turned it into a competition amongst her friends and gave them a deadline which helped to propel them into action and it turned into a fun game and a team effort and got her going on some lovely dates!
So today your assignment is to think of at least 5 friends that you can ask to set you up on dates. You could even offer a prize to the person that comes up with the best date for you! Why not? Let’s make this as fun as possible.
Then come and let us know over in the LOVE ZONE which of your friends you’ve invited to play at being your personal cupid and let us know how it went!

x Selina & Vicki