OK, so let’s get into action now!

This next phase is all about getting out there, meeting new people and maximising your chances of finding happy, healthy, quality guys to go on dates with.
And there are all sorts of ways you can do this.
The trick is to have fun with it and have a mix of approaches.
The first one that we love is:

Get out there and do things that you love that will ALSO have you meeting new people.

Anything from cooking workshops, to wine tasting, to pub quizzes, to rock climbing, to photography courses.
We LOVE this way because a) it has you going out and doing things that make you happy, which can only be a good thing! And b) there is nothing like a group activity around a common interest that offers the opportunity to strike up a conversation with strangers!
It’s a win-win all round.
Even if you come away not having met anyone you really clicked with, you’ve still had a good time doing something that you loved.
So, just to recap: this is NOT about doing things and going to places purely in the hopes that you’ll meet single guys. That’s just going to get depressing and your time is too precious for that.
The idea is that you’re doing things for your own enjoyment that will also have you meeting new people and expanding your social circle.
And don’t just focus in on the single men. You might really hit it off with one of the women that you meet and when it comes up that you’re actively dating she might jump at the chance to set you up on a date with her cousin / brother / best friend… you just never know.
So head on over to Lesson 20 in the workbook (or download Lesson 20 here) and let’s have some fun coming up with things you’d like to do that will have you meeting new people.
X Selina & Vicki