Love takes us by surprise when we are open and ready for it
— Zen and the Art of Falling in Love

As we step into the final and biggest phase of Get Ready for Love, we want to first fire you up and fill your heart with some inspiration.
So today we’re going to feed you up on some real Love Stories about how people met their partners.
The beauty of real love stories is that they remind us that you just never know how it’s going to happen and it really does often happen in the most unexpected of ways.
So let’s dig into some delicious Real Love Stories from our own podcast channel and from our friends over at Global Glue.
Have a watch and listen of these today and come and let us know in the LOVE ZONE which your favourite love story was and why.

From our Project Love podcast series | Real Love Stories

Vicki interviews Alice Garas
Vicki interviews Jen Dickinson
Vicki interviews Selina Barker
Selina interviews Mark Pavitt (Vicki's fiancee before they got married)
Vicki interviews Luke Montgomery-Smith

From Global Glue

Mark and Jana - Global Glue
Marco and Julia - Global Glue

Have a think of all the happy couples you know and jot down how they met to remind yourself that you just never know how it’s going to happen.
Here are just some of the ways that the happy couples we'VE met OVER THE YEARS and members of the love zone MET their other halves...:

  • At work
  • On a plane coming back from holiday
  • At an after-party
  • At a bus stop (he was an American in London and pretended to be a lot more lost than he was!)
  • When they were out having dinner with friends
  • At her Dad’s gig (he turned out to be her dad’s friend!)
  • At the pub when both were out with friends
  • When they were set up on a blind date by mutual friends
  • At a wedding
  • He was a friend’s new housemate
  • Online dating site
  • At a party
  • At a friends leaving party - a mutual friend was moving to New York and had a goodbye dinner. They sat opposite each other but didn't talk. Later in the night she randomly cried on his shoulder as she was going to miss her friend. I guess he thought she was sweet and asked for her BBM pin (it was still a thing back then!). The rest is history – they’ve been married for years.
  • At Butlins (for those of you that don’t know, it’s a cheesy holiday resort in the UK!)
  • On Tinder
  • On the bus when the guy was on his way to a date with someone else. They bumped into each other again a week later. He asked for her number and 3 years on they’re still together!
  • Travelling
  • On holiday
  • At a festival
  • In a photo booth at a work party
  • In the coat queue at a club
  • At a Capoeira class practicing back flips (badly!) 

So you see there are SO many different ways that people end up meeting. Who knows how your story is going to be. Just know that it probably won’t be the way you’re expecting, so be open to everything!
X Selina and Vicki