So you’ve been opening up and connecting with the world around you.
And the next step is to let the world know that you’re ready and available for love with the right kind of partner for you.
We call this turning on your green light.
This is the difference between the woman who never ever meets people and never gets asked out on dates and the woman who meets people all the time and regularly gets asked out on dates.

So how do you turn on your green light?

Well it’s all in our bodies. We give off a huge amount of signals with our bodies – and these signals reveal a whole magnitude of information about what we think, how we feel, whether we like something or whether we really hate something. It’s mostly through the stuff that we’re not conscious of like our facial expressions, our posture, how we use space, our eye movements and the gestures we make.
And it’s a two-way thing of course. We make judgements about a person by what vibe they’re giving off, just as they make judgements about us from what we’re putting out there.
Let’s imagine you’re at a party. There are single guys there. You’ve seen one that you like the look of and basically you want to say that you’re up for a little flirt and a chat. But how do you let him know without actually saying a word and without coming across as overly keen or desperate?
Well first of all, we need to look at what vibe you’re putting out there and whether this shows that you’re available and interested. And if it’s not then we’re gonna show you how to change it in a jiffy!

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X Selina and Vicki