Connection is why we’re here. It’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives
— Brene Brown    

It’s a funny thing isn’t it, that while we all say that we want to feel loved, most of us find it hard to actually open up and receive love fully.
Many of us are in fact afraid to do it.
Because opening up to receive love requires us to be vulnerable. And being vulnerable means taking down the walls that we have put up around us to keep ourselves protected from getting hurt, being disappointed or being rejected in love.
Taking down those protective walls for the first time exposes us. It doesn’t feel at all safe. It feels scary.
But if we keep those walls up and refuse to dare to be vulnerable then we can never truly, deeply connect with other people and we can never feel what it is to be loved and to receive love fully.
And while it takes courage to at first open up (and the Shitty Committee will be freaking out at the very idea of doing this!) there really isn’t anything to fear and everything to gain.
You see, we can’t selectively numb. So when we numb the bad stuff, we also numb the good stuff and so in order to really experience a deep sense of love with someone we must learn how to open up and be comfortable with being vulnerable.
The best person to teach us about the power and importance of vulnerability is the amazing Brene Brown. You may well have come across her TEDX Talk ‘The power of vulnerability’ that went viral back in 2010 and continues to be one of the most watched TED Talks ever. And with good reason.
It is SUCH a powerful TED talk - one of the most legendary ones out there and every time you watch it you'll get something new out of it.


So even if you've watched it before, watch it again today and then head on over to Lesson 17 in the workbook (or download Lesson 17 here) to explore some simple ways that you can open up and be more vulnerable in life.

x Selina & Vicki