Now the last lesson has hopefully highlighted how much we can end up hindering ourselves by having a clear idea of what we think the ‘right’ kind of person for us is going to be like (or isn’t going to be like!).

But if it doesn’t work to dream up what we want our partner to look like, do for a living or even what their personality is like, then what are we supposed to focus on?
Well the key is to take our attention away from what we think we want our future partner to be like and focus instead on how we want to feel in a relationship.
Because ultimately right at the heart of what we’re longing for, what lies at the heart of every desire we have in life, is the desire to feel a certain way.
So when you start with how you want to feel and use THAT as your compass, you’ll find your way to the kind of love, the kind of relationship and the kind of person that will make you truly happy.
And by learning how to generate those feelings NOW in your life, you’ll become a natural magnet to the kind of person and the kind of relationship you’re really looking for.
And so todays exercise is going to help you do just that.
To start with, Vicki is going to lead you into a visualisation to help you get clear on how you want to feel when you’re in a great relationship.

LISTEN to the visualisation | "Become a Magnet to What You Want"

IMPORTANT (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IMPATIENT!): The audios can take a couple of minutes to upload (while looking like absolutely nothing is happening). If waiting gets you wound up then just click the link and listen to it on Soundcloud without delays.

Then head over to Lesson 16 in the workbook (or download Lesson 16 here) where we’ll show you how you can start generating those feelings more and more in your life to start becoming a natural magnet to the kind of relationship that you really want.
X Selina and Vicki