Last but not least, as we come to the end of this phase on cultivating love from within, we’re going to focus on body love.
When we develop a deep and loving relationship with our bodies we develop a deep and loving relationship with ourselves.
Often feelings of loneliness and lack of love actually stem from our own disconnect with our bodies.
Too often we over-exert, push, punish and neglect our bodies but we need to be treating them with the utmost respect because our bodies play a huge part in our happiness in life and are our greatest teachers when we learn to listen to them.
It’s through our bodies that we can experience everything from euphoria to deep calm, no matter what else is going on in our lives at the time.
You can go from feeling stressed out and wound up to feeling calm and at peace, just through moving your body in the right way.
That is the power of your body.
And so it is essential when learning to love ourselves that we focus plenty of time and attention on our bodies.
What does your body want to experience? How does it want to feel?
Think back to times when you have felt really alive in your body and full of energy, or times where you have felt deeply at peace and blissed out in your body.
What were you doing? How did you feel? How did it make you feel about life and yourself?
Take a moment to think back and really remember what it was like…
Now wouldn’t it be great if you got to feel that in your body on a regular basis? Imagine how it would feel knowing you were going to have that experience injected into your life on a weekly or even daily basis.
Well that is what body love is all about.
It’s about finding activities that you can do regularly that give your body the experience of feeling deeply connected and alive. Activities that have you fully engaged in the present moment and remind you of what life is all about.
For everyone it is different and often you’ll need different activities at different times: a high energy 80s aerobic class to fire you up and remind you of the joy and the force that you have inside of you or a meditative yoga class to help you release the stresses of the day and remind you of the deep calm that is always there for you to ground yourself in.
So today you’re going to take a look at what activities really work for you.
Head on over to Lesson 14 in the workbook (or download Lesson 14 here) and we’ll show you how to come up with a list of body love activities. Then come and let us know over in the Love Zone which of those activities you’re choosing to do this week to give your body some extra special love!

x Selina & Vicki