So now you’ve got a picture of what a life full of love looks like to you, it’s time to start bringing that picture to life so that you’re not just dreaming it, you’re starting to live it.
This is the art of life design.
And it’s an essential part of getting ready for love because it is all about becoming THE person in your life that makes you happy.
So how do you take the picture of that life full of love and start to make it real?
Well this is what today's lesson is all about. Selina has been teaching and coaching people in the art of life design for the last ten years and today she’s going to be teaching you how you can create a life that you truly love and why it really is SO important to be the person in your life whose job it is to make you happy, particularly when you’re looking for love.

Listen to the audio lesson with Selina on 'How to design a life you love'

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And then go to Lesson 11 in your workbook (or download the Lesson 11 worksheet here) and get started on making that life full of love your life.

x Selina & Vicki