Today is a fun one. It’s all about picturing what a life full of love looks like to you.
Time to dream it all up.
Imagine a life that is bursting with love. A life you would love to be living. From the things you spend your days doing, to the people you hang out with, to the work that you do and the environments you spend your time in. Imagine that they all leave you feeling nourished and full of love, peace, gratitude and joy.
What would that life look like?
As you let your mind play with this dream, head on over to Lesson 10 in the workbook (or download the Lesson 10 here) where you’re going to create a picture of that life full of love so you can really start to see what it would look like and start to get a feel for it.
And then in the next lesson we’ll show you why this is such an important thing to do on your Get Ready for Love journey.
X Selina & Vicki