Lesson 1
Let's begin

cycling and happy.png

Welcome to the first day of Get Ready for Love…and so the journey begins!

Today we want to get you feeling really GOOD. Feeling uplifted, positive, alive and remembering what it feels like to be truly happy and loving life.
For far too long you’ve probably associated your love life with feelings of frustration, sadness, loneliness, hurt and heartbreak. Or just plain old boredom.
Well Get Ready for Love is about to change all of that.
When you end this course we want you to be feeling upbeat about life, love and YOU. We want you anchored in your own happiness and feeling full of love.
So let’s get that started straight away!

Head on over to Lesson 1 in the workbook (you can either download the whole Get Ready for Love workbook here or just download the Lesson 1 Worksheet here)

x Selina & Vicki