how get ready for love works


We cannot wait for you to get started on your Get Ready for Love journey! 

Here is a quick run down of how this course works and what to expect.

If you ever have any questions or need technical help then please always feel free to contact us at <3


Get Ready for Love is a 30 day online course designed to take you on a journey that will shift you into a whole new way of looking at love, dating and relationships.

It is made up of 3 key ingredients:





1. The 30 essential Lessons that will get you ready for love

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The Get Ready for Love journey has 4 key phases to it and is made up of the 30 essential lessons that we’ve found to be the most effective and powerful to get you ready for love and on your way to a happy and healthy relationship.

The lessons blend inspiration with practical exercises and actions for you to take, with audio tutorials that you can download and listen to on-the-go, special guests sharing their wisdom, guided visualisations, EFT/Tapping tools and much more! Each lesson is designed into a manageable chunk so that you can do it in one sitting.


Because everyone’s journey is different, there will be different stages where you will want to pause and really focus in on that area – giving it some extra care and attention. That is why for each of the four key phases we have created a ‘Go Deeper’ section with recommended books, videos, podcasts and practitioners that can help you to go deeper into that area - whether it’s healing wounds from the past or focusing on your own self-love.


2. Your Get Ready for Love Workbook - where all the magic happens!

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Any time you have a written exercise to do you’ll be sent over to your workbook, which you can print out and fill in by hand or fill in digitally and save on your laptop.

You can download the full workbook here or download each lesson from the workbook as you go.

3. The Love Zone - the private online community where we all hang out

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The Love Zone is our private facebook group that accompanies the course (in many ways it is the heart of the course) where you can hang out with like-minded women, share your progress and ask for help when you need it.

We’ll be encouraging you to head into the Love Zone to share what you’re learning and discovering throughout the course, but feel free to pop in anytime and strike up a conversation about love, relationships, dating and what you’re learning or feeling stuck on.

Even if you don't think online groups are really your thing, we recommend you come and try it out. There is such a great atmosphere in the there with heart-felt, honest sharing and intelligent conversation.

Head on over to the Love Zone page on Facebook, request to join and we'll let you in the moment we see your request. We can't wait to see you in there!



How to get the most out of the course:


Take it at your own pace…you can’t rush love!


This course is designed so that you can take it at your own pace and while you can do a lesson a day you will most likely find that you need to take things a little slower than that. And we recommend you do to allow plenty of time for each lesson to really sink in. Love is not something that should be rushed ;)

You might be eager for your love life to change asap but it’s far better to take the time that you need for each lesson to really sink in and work it’s magic.

Make time for it

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We know life is busy and time can just fly by so it’s important you actually make time for this and choose a time in the day or the week that is your Get Ready for Love time. It may work for you to do it first thing in the morning before the day starts or you could do it last thing at night when you’re snuggled up in bed.

Reach out when you need help, have a set back or get stuck


For many of the women that have done Get Ready for Love before you, one of the biggest lessons has been to reach out when they need support.

It can be so easy to put on our armour and act as if we can do this all on our own - that we don’t need help or worse still, that we shouldn’t need help. But this course is ALL about opening up and inviting others to be there for you, so make sure that at any point you feel stuck on this journey, reach out to us in the Love Zone. We’ll be waiting for you <3

Selina and Vicki x