Here is some further inspiration and guidance when it comes to dating the loving way...


Zen and the Art of Falling in Love (we recommend this book to EVERYONE whether you're single or in a relationship)

How to be an adult in relationships by David Richo (it's a meaty one but he is such a master when it comes to love)

ARticles & Blog posts

"Why speed dating reminded me how fun it is to be single" - article in Stylist by Jessica Morgan who has done Get Ready for Love

'Don't know what to write in your dating profile? Try this' - Alexandra Franzen (an amazing copywriter that we love)

How to Pick Your Life Partner and why it is far better to be single than in a relationship that is no good for you (this is SO good!)

10 alternative ways of looking at rejection (from our Project Love blog)

When it comes to dating, give up the game! (from our Project Love blog)

Every relationship is successful for the same exact reasons (great inspiration)

Love: an expert guide - a biological anthropologists advice on dating


project love podcasts

Are we Shopping for Love? (a Project Love podcast)
The trouble with online dating - why men and women alike struggle with it so much | (a Project Love podcast)
Dating is shit... or is it? | (a Project Love podcast - interview with Gail Love Schock)
Meditation with Gail Schock to get you in a great Dating headspace (a Project Love podcast)

other podcasts

Love Stories with Dolly Alderton


The Tapping Solution - From Nick Ortner, Best-Selling Author of “The Tapping Solution”


why, how and when to flirt - alain de botton - the school of life


How to Be Certain About a Potential Partner - Esther Perell


How to find the sweet spot between love and desire - Esther Perel