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blogs & articles

Conversations on Love - Natasha is an amazing writer and features editor over at Red Magazine. Conversations on Love is her newsletter where she investigates love, one conversation at a time. This is just ONE of her posts on love to give you a taster.
I got married to myself - Stylist article
This is what self-care really means, because it's not all bath salts and chocolate cake
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7 amazing things that happen when you start loving yourself more


Charlie Chaplin's incredible poem on self-love

audio workshop

Self-love for busy women - audio workshop by Project Love (this is a private audio that people get when they sign up to Project Love, so if you want to share this audio workshop with a friend, then please send them here)


Top 10 Lessons Learnt From 28 Days Of Self Love (a Project Love podcast)
The art of intuitive eating, listening to your body and feeding your soul - with Pandora (a Project Love podcast)



Self love meditation | Live Awake ('I love you, I'm listening' is a beautiful mantra to say to yourself)