If you're wanting to go deeper into work around clearing the blocks to let love in then here are some books, blog posts, podcasts, tools and practitioners that we recommend. If you have any recommendations of your own then share them in the Love Zone - it is a great place for sharing useful resources.


Book in a 121 love coaching session with Jo, our Project Love trained coach - Jo is an incredible love coach who is trained in healing techniques, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Jo can support you to go deeper into your healing journey in this first phase of your Get Ready for Love journey, as well as helping you to manage fears and a very loud shitty committee. Book in a session here.


Dark side of the Light Chasers
Confidence and Success with CBT
Mastery of Love
Men, Women and Worthiness | Brene Brown on Audible
The Highly Sensitive Person in love

Blog posts

What's the real reason you're still single? (a post on our Project Love blog)
How to make space for quality to show up in your life (Danielle LaPorte)


Clearing a Space Part 1: The Importance Of Letting Go (a Project Love podcast)
Clearing A Space Part 2: Creating Space In Your Life To Invite Love In (a Project Love podcast)
How your Inner Shitty Committee could be getting in the way of you finding Love (a Project Love podcast)


If you're single and don't have kids, Tracee Ellis Ross has a message for you (so so good!)


Headspace - an app that we're HUGE fans of that will show you how to meditate starting with just 10 minutes a day
Morning Pages - a simple but incredibly powerful exercise to help you really clean through what is going on in your head and heart 


Judit Salok - healing masseuse that we both love to have treatments from when she is in London (also works from Ibiza during the summer)
Gail Love Schock - healer and spiritual life coach who is an absolute goddess (you'll see why!), who is featured as a special guest in this course :)
Kim Murray (Happy Heads)
Carly Grace - amazing energy and sound healer that can support you on your healing journey


The Bridge (this is a 5 day retreat in the UK that both of us have done and it was incredible. Such a deep healing experience and in the most loving atmosphere run by incredible female psychotherapists)